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About Us

In our organization, we RESPECT each individual taking part in our program, and strive to ensure we provide an open, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere so learners have the best opportunity to succeed in their goal to learn to read or improve their reading literacy.  We pledge to be ACCOUNTABLE, to protect the CONFIDENTIALITY of our learners, and to provide LEADERSHIP now and in the future to help improve adult literacy rates in the community.

​We are
LEARNER-FOCUSED and we put our learners’ needs first, and we are CREATIVE in finding and using different learning strategies which are specific to each learner’s individual needs.  We embrace the DIVERSITY of our learners and tutors and we tailor each program to each learner in order to reflect that diversity. 

COMMITMENT TO SUCCESS in offering one-to-one programming allows learners to progress at their own speed, leading to lasting individual EMPOWERMENT.  By using TEAMWORK, we are able to collaborate with learners, tutors, the wider community, and other like-minded organizations to improve literacy rates in our community.

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